Official Statement by Good Smile Company regarding Production line Limits

An Official statement by the company: Good Smile Company, has been made regarding the limits of pre-orders and customers unable to order their products due to production line limits.

Good Smile Company mostly know for some of it's popular figure lines "Nendoriod"and "Figma" as well as other beautiful statue lines, has been meet with overwhelming orders which has caused their production lines to run at full capacity.

Please see the Official Statement by The Good Smile Company Below:

What does this mean for our customers??

Well this is important to know an understand the vaule of Pre-Ordering. We will place statues up for Pre-Order on our online store allowing our customers to secure their statue or figure and avoid them missing out. Yes sometimes we allow extra allocations to be made for the store to ensure the we have ample stock for customers, if they missed the Pre-Order cut off but this is never certain as we ourselves can never predict a collectable statue or figures popularity.

We will be increasing our Good Smile range with more Nenoriod and figma items being added to the store! We ask that if you have any questions regarding Pre-Orders or limits on statue lines to email us directly so we can put your mind at ease and order the collectable you want.

The Future of Good Smile Company Products...

Future is bright and strong for the Good Smile Company with high demands on statues and other products, we see them only growing stronger and more popular by the day. Head over to our statue pages to browse the range we have instock and what is available to Pre-order today!