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Black Canary Bishoujo Statue


Kotobukiya proudly presents the next entry in their lineup of Bishoujo statues based on the Super Heroes and villains of DC Comics with the long-awaited Black Canary!

Based on a new character interpretation by Shunya Yamashita, Black Canary has never looked better!

Black Canary wears her classic costume, complete with leather jacket and fish net stockings

Black Canary stands nearly 24 cm tall (9.5 inches) in 1/7 scale as she stretches her arms up and over her head.

Display alone or alongside other DC character Bishoujo statues from Kotobukiya such as Batgirl, the Huntress, or Poison Ivy.


Stands at 24 cm tall (Scale 1/7)

Black Canary bishoujo statue

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