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DOMEZ Halo Collectible Figure Series 1

Halo Collectible Figure (One Blind Box Sale Only)


Connect & Display—Your Way with Domez! Collect highly detailed, stylized miniatures from the hottest pop culture properties. Domez come in their own stackable, connectable display case, creating a fun and unique way to show off your collection. Attach them side by side or stack them to the sky to build a unique “Wall of Domez” display all your own!


• Stylized, collectible characters that come housed in their own stackable, connectible display case.
• 3.1” (7.8 cm) tall Blind-Packed Collectible Characters
• Age grade is 8+


Please note: This is for the sale of one (1) blind box figure Fox and Panda Comics can not tell you which figure you will get but could be one of the six characters in the photos above or one of either two chases available (Chases are rare to find)



DOMEZ Halo Collectible Figure (ONE BLIND BOX)

SKU: DMZ0826
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