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Monopoly Ghostbusters Edition Board Game


There’s something strange in your neighbourhood! Who ya gonna call?? The Ghostbusters are relying on you to help save the world from paranormal activity!


If they're currently tied up capturing ghosts why not fill in yourself with Ghostbusters Monopoly! Travel the game board defeating slimers, ghosts and other ghastly ghouls at famous New York location from the original movie. There's even 6 iconic game pieces including the Ecto-1, Slimer, PKE Meter, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Proton Pack and Terror Dog - don't worry this time the Marshmallow Man is on your side!



Includes 1 x Ghostbusters Monopoly Game
Contents: 1 x GhostbustersGameboard, 6 x Collectible Tokens, 28 x Title Deed Cards, 16 x WHO YOU GONNA CALL? Cards, 16 x I AIN'T AFRAID OF NO GHOST Cards, 2 x Dice, 1 x Speed Die, 32 x Traps (Houses), 12 x Storage Facilities (Hotels), 1 x Pack of Money, 1 x Instructions.
No job is too big, no fee is too big in this custom edition of MONOPOLY!
Fun for all the family!
Official Hasbro Product!

Monopoly Ghostbusters Edition Board Game

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