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Strange Tales - starring the Human Torch, Fantastic Four & Doctor Strange

#118 - 1964 - Second Appearance of Dr Strange, First appearance of Orb of Agamotto


One of the first comic book art of doctor strange as Doctor Strange first appearance was in issuse 110

Comic is in fair condition. Comic has barcode sticker but has not attempted to be removed. Spine has slight wear with creases. Slight wear is around the edges but still intact. Colour on the cover is in good condition. Only fault is a small pen mark on the cover.

Comic will come bagged and boarded and secured in a tough bag. The comic will be bubble wrapped and cardboard support placed with it as well. “Do Not Bend” will be written on the outside of the bag.

Strange Tales #118 2nd Appearance of Dr Strange + First App of Orb of Agamotto

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