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Beetlejuice Bishoujo Statue


Much to the surprise of many fans, Beetlejuice joins the Kotobukiya HORROR BISHOUJO series featuring the art of Shunya Yamashita!


The strong makeup and half-up ponytail bring out the free spirited personality and energy exuding from Shunya Yamashita’s unique design.

Beetlejuice can be seen filing her nails while leaning against the tombstone as could be seen in the film that inspired this statue.


The black and white striped jacket is sculpted as a tailcoat, and is finely sculpted down to the tip of the coat. Beetlejuice’s fashionable looks can also be seen from the multiple watches on Beetlejuice’s wrist to the ring decorated with a large stone in the center!


Stands at 21.5 cm tall
1/7 Scale


Release Date - June 2020 UPDATE NEW RELEASE DATE - DECEMBER 2020 JANUARY 2021


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Beetlejuice Bishoujo Statue

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