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Standard Fusion Flea - Die-Cast 1/18 Scale Vehicle Replica


Standard Edition: Currently less than 5,000 pieces worldwide


Release date: November 2018


Packaging: Single-colour naked box with specially designed full colour box jacket


Livery: Blue metallic body to match the colour of the rusted Fleas seen strewn in the postwar Wasteland


Box contents: Standard Fusion Flea, two years service pin, vintage postcard, blue manual


Product history: The Standard Fusion Flea has been designed to replicate the version of the Fusion Flea most commonly seen in Wasteland in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. Although the Fusion Flea has been produced in larger numbers than the limited edition versions, it has never been manufactured in particularly high volumes and certainly forms the core of most collections.


Fusion Flea climbs for freedom!  Imagine that freedom of the open road on a gloriously sunny day without a care in the world. Imagine never again having to worry about fuel on those long journeys: Chryslus thought of it all. The Fusion Flea’s advanced Chryslus nuclear-powered engine, that gives the Flea its catchy moniker, is fully charged once at manufacture and guaranteed for life, leaving the driver to enjoy the adventure of the open road, absolutely worry-free.

Fallout - Fusion Flea Die-Cast 1/18 Scale Vehicle Replica

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