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MARVEL Thor (Jane Foster) Bishoujo Statue (Reproduction)


The Goddess of Thunder was quick to receive a BISHOUJO statue by Shunya Yamashita in 2016.
Appearing out of thin air, the mysterious figure, Lady Thor, is none other than Jane Foster!


For the first time in seven years, this statue will be rerproduced.

Holding Mjolnir aloft, Thor stands in a pose fit for the God of Thunder.

Her muscular figure strengthened by the power of Mjolnir, silver helmet and armor, and fluttering cape give the statue the elegance of a refined Asgardian.

The statue can be displayed without the helmet by exchanging it with a separate head part.

The base can be connected to that of the upcoming MARVEL LOKI LAUFEYSON BISHOUJO STATUE (sold separtely).


Stands at 30.5 cm tall
1/7 Scale


Status: Pre-order now

Pre-Order Due Date: 07/11/2022

MARVEL Thor (Jane Foster) Bishoujo Statue (Reproduction)

SKU: MK351
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