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MARVEL Loki Laufeyson Bishoujo Statue (Reproduction)


After Ragnarök, the “end” in Norse mythology, Loki returns as a young woman. For the first time in six years, Shunya Yamashita’s astounding BISHOUJO statue of Loki will be reproduced.


Taking possession of Sif and gaining a female body, Loki has been sculpted into a gorgeous, fashionable, and voluptuous figure.


A born trickster with a good and evil side, what will Loki’s next scheme be?

The base can be connected to that of MARVEL THOR(JANE FOSTER) BISHOUJO STATUE (sold separately).


Stands at 25 cm tall
1/7 Scale


Status: Pre-order now

Pre-Order Due Date: 07/11/2022

MARVEL Loki Laufeyson Bishoujo Statue (Reproduction)

SKU: MK352
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