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The Incredible Hulk #6 - November 1977


First appearance of Poragon - "later becomes" Her, Kismet & Ayesha...

Dr Strange appearance as well.


If you are tyring to figure out the logic in this just think "Comics" but seriously Poragon was created the same way Adam Warlock was, in a Cocoon.

This will be a key issue more than it than it already is due to the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 to be released soon. Kismet/Ayesha is the Gold queen in the second Guardians film and at the end talks about Adam Warlock.


The Comic Condition:

The comic is in okay condition but would consider it a low grade. A staple has pushed through on the bottom (see photo) and it has wear on the spine and edges with slight tears and marks. (see photos)

Keep in mind this comic is 43 years old.

I would grade it a 4 out of 10


LOW GRADE RANK: Colour Code Red

Low grading books fall under this category when a comic is generally in Fair or Poor condition but mostly Poor. Flaws that would make it fall in our Low Grade Rank consist of the following: Big tears or rips in the cover, back page or other pages, heavy creases and marks across the cover, staples missing or cover away from the spine/staples, heavy wear on the edges, marks on the cover such as pen or texter marks.


Low grade books will always been at a lower price and Low Grade Rank books will not be available for any claims via our terms and conditions.Simply by having the Low Grade Rank in our description you are acknowledging and understanding that the comic book has aged damage or damage on the book already and that you are aware of that before and during the purchase.


Always go over the photos and see the condition yourself. As a customer you can always ask us for more photos if you wish to see more.

The Incredible Hulk #6 1977 First appearance of Poragon

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