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Before Watchmen - Comedian #1 -  2012


HIGH GRADE RANK: Colour Code Green

High grading books fall under this category when a comic book is extremely well presented and has little to no flaws in the book. Pages are mostly “white” but sometimes can be “off white pages” the book may have a slight flaw or a very fine crease, a very fine spine tick or ticks or even a corner mark but only if the rest of the book is in fantastic condition.


It is noted that Fox and Panda Comics takes no responsibility regarding other grading companies results on a book that is purchased through our store. Some Grading companies can have harsh grading and can drop a books rating over the slightest flaw. This is why we will never list a book as 10 to 9.8 unless it has been officially graded.


Always go over the photos and see the condition yourself. As a customer you can always ask us for more photos if you wish to see more.

Before Watchmen - Comedian #1

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