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DARKSTALKERS Felicia Bishoujo Statue


Based on an original illustration by Shunya Yamashita, the innocent and overwhelmingly cheerful catwoman from Darkstalkers, Felicia is here! With an energetic and playful pose, Felicia is now joining the BISHOUJO series.


Her squishy toe beans and fluffy fur show off the catwoman’s cute side, while her toned muscles and the sharp claws extending from her hands and feet give you a glimpse into her ferocious side. This detailed statue perfectly captures the character’s duality. The statue’s cute pink base also resembles a game stage.


In addition to the usual BISHOUJO charm, this statue is a unique piece that is both adorable and deadly. Be sure to look forward to the next character coming to the series, Lilith!


Stands at 26 cm tall 1/7 Scale

DARKSTALKERS Felicia Bishoujo Statue

SKU: SV300
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